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Support the National Alliance for Grieving Children by purchasing one of the She Beads | He Beads products. We keep 30% of every purchase made!

Special Children's Grief Awareness Bracelet

This bracelet can be purchased exclusively on the SheBeads website for $24.00 and $12.00 of the purchase will go directly to the NAGC! Click HERE to purchase.

Products Available on NAGC website

#0001 Small Bead Earrings ♦ $20.00

#0002 Coal Earth Series Bracelet  ♦ $24.00

#0003 Bravo Brown Small Bead Bracelet w/Silver ♦ $25.00

#0004 Ornament w/ box ♦ $39.00


















#0005 Ring ♦ $24.00 (One Size Fits All)









#0006 Multi Fall Small Bead Bracelet w/ Silver ♦ $25.00









#0007 Skull and Red Earth Series Bracelet ♦ $24.00

#0008 Multi Tropical Small Bead Bracelet w/ Silver ♦ $25.00

#0009 Lumber Earth Series Bracelet ♦ $24.00


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